Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Nilsa had spent her early years creating short skits, singing and dancing for family and friends. Nilsa spent her summers with her grandparents in Jayuya, PR. While she vividly remembers watching soap operas with her grandmothers and falling in love with each character. Ever since her earliest days, she was fascinated by acting, dancing and modeling.

Nilsa left Jayuya in 1980 to attend Catholic University in Ponce, P.R. She studied art, humanities, French and literature. However, she could not escape the allure of modeling and acting and quickly began auditioning for parts in local productions. She began modeling, acting and dancing classes while attending Sacred Heart University in Santurce, PR. Nilsa’s love of acting, dancing and her passion for music was uncontrollable.

Nilsa moved to United States in 1993, where she could study people and listen to their stories. She currently have a degree in Psychology from Central Florida University and is an international flight attendant on a major airline. 

 Her first acting job was for a beer commercial as a model. It wasn’t long before Nilsa with the support of her family, friends and co-workers start working in different movies, commercials and now is working on supporting and lead roles. She also qualified as a teleprompter actress and have being doing voice over for cartoons and audio books. She is currently taking more classes and workshops while filming different productions around United States because she love acting.